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Poor quality essential oils or adulterated oils are not considered therapeutic and can cause harmful side effects, or at best provide only minimal therapeutic benefit.

This is why I recommend doTERRA’s therapeutic grade essential oils for…

  • Supporting balance and harmony in your life
  • Easing feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Supporting your health and wellness regime
  • Eliminating toxic cleansers and products in your home
  • Making homemade body and cleaning products
After personally using (and loving) these precious little gems, I am excited to spread the word and share the value with you. I’ve incorporated doTERRA’s products into my self-love and self-care regime. If you want to learn more contact me and we will book a complimentary consultation.

I chose to become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate as I believe their products are the purest available and I share their values including their commitment to sustainability. Also, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation Canada™ is working to empower people and communities worldwide to make a positive change. Through partnerships for global impact, matching support for Wellness Advocate Projects and by facilitating community development projects in Co-Impact Sourcing® areas, people are empowered and lives are changed.

The majority of customers opt to purchase as a wholesale customer. Your annual fee is included in the purchase of your enrollment kit. You also receive an automatic 25% reduction in the cost of all your purchases. There is no minimum monthly purchase. Other options are available and I would be happy to have a conversation to see how doTERRA may best meet your personal needs.

Take advantage of nature’s solutions!

Transforming your lifestyle and home with naturally sourced resources doesn’t have to be complicated—you just need the right tools.

Created with our favourite essential oils, products, and accessories, these Collection Kits are bundled with the basics of clean living to make it effortless for you to bring nature into your home.


Let’s do this!

Simple Solutions Enrollment Collection

Nature’s Solutions

Healthy Start Enrollment Collection

Healthy Home Enrollment Collection

Healthy Habits Enrollment Collection

Healthy Essentials Enrollment Collection

DoTerra Product Guide


What does it mean to be a wholesale customer?
To become a wholesale customer, there’s a couple of options. The first is purchasing a starter kit which has the wholesale access pass bundled in. Or, your second option is just purchasing the Intro Booklet which is just the wholesale access pass. This gives you a full year of purchasing doTERRA at 25% off whenever you want to shop. There is no business opportunity attached to this. 90% of the 8 million+ people in doTERRA are wholesale customers.
Will I have to purchase monthly?
No, you can purchase whenever you want from your personal doTERRA store at 25% off retail. The only reason you would order monthly would be to join the monthly rewards program where you would earn free product + free shipping each month.
There are so many brands claiming to do what doTERRA does, but cheaper. Who do I trust?

You’re right… there are many claims out there now. Here’s the truth: doTERRA is one of very few big brands that is changing the world in a positive way through their business model and practice. As the largest essential oil company in the world, they are the only essentail oil company that pursues purity, quality and sourcing with integrity.

There is simply no other company going to the efforts that doTERRA is to ensure you are receiving the highest quality essential oil.

What if I don't know how to use essential oils?

That’s totally fine, that’s why I’m here! Upon joining our community you will receive welcome info, access to our exclusive Facebook member-only group and a wellness consultation where we chat with you one on one about your needs – not to mention access to our exclusive health programs that help guide you along the way.

You cannot put a dollar amount on this value and it’s certainly not something available on a retail shelf.

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